How to take a snapshot in Pokémon Go

Take a picture of your Pokémon.

Pokemon GO

Some of the challenges and research tasks in Pokémon Go require you to take a snapshot of some of your Pokémon. Trainers who receive these are likely wondering how to go about it, and it’s pretty simple. These more manageable research tasks were made for those playing who don’t always have the option to leave their home every day. There are not too many of these available, but they’re steadily becoming more widespread and accessible.

You need first to choose what Pokémon you want to take a snapshot up. Your choice will vary depending on what Pokémon you need to do it for your research task. You can investigate your roster to decide which Pokémon you want to choose. When you’ve made your choice, click on them, and you’ll go to their information page where you can see their stats, how much it costs to power-up them, or potentially evolve them. On this page, click on the camera found at the upper right-hand corner of your screen. It’s under the star icon.

Clicking on the camera icon will prompt Pokémon Go to ask if you’re in a safe location to enter the AR mode. If you are not, find a location where you can idly stand to use the application without potentially hitting another individual or where you could place yourself in danger of being hit by others. Click okay when you’re good to go.

From there, Pokémon Go gains access to your smartphone’s camera, and you now need to locate a flat surface. When you find one, you should see glowing yellow icons on the flat surface. Click on those to bring out the Pokémon you chose. They should arrive out of their Pokémon, and you can freely click the lower middle icon to take a picture of them. You can review each photo after you have completed the session.

During some events, you may even have some Pokémon photobomb the image, and when this happens, you can then capture that Pokémon when you return to the in-game Pokémon Application.

The pictures will go to your camera’s gallery, and you can freely view them as much as you like. You only need to take a single picture of your Pokémon for it to count for the research task.