How to Take out 3 Thwomps in Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

It’s time for a new tour in Mario Kart Tour, which means new challenges as well. The New Year’s Tour has begun, and one of them is to take out three Thwomps. These are the giant blocks with evil faces trying to smash you on some of the courses.

Thankfully, the first course in the Mario Cup features two Thwomps, so if you are fortunate, you might be able to get this one finished in a single race. You don’t need to, and you can stretch it across several races if you like.

  • Bullet Bill – the best way to get this item is to be in last place.
  • Giant Mushroom – the Giant Mushroom is another item that has the best chance of dropping if you are in last place.

Bowser’s Shell also takes out a Thwomp if you throw it at them while they are on the ground. Dry Bowser, Bower, and Bower Jr. all have access to it.

No matter what driver you use, or the method you employ to take out the Thwomps, it is best to stay in last place. This position gives you the best chance of getting the items you need to take out the three Thwomps. With Bullet Bill, Bower’s Shell, or Giant Mushroom, wait until you are close to the Thomps, then use the item when you are sure you will be able to hit it. This can be a little awkward as they change levels, and you can’t catch them when they are in the air.