How to tame a Tapejara in Ark: Survival Evolved

Take to the skies!

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There are many different flying creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved. From the mighty Wyverns to the small Pteranadons, each one is able to perform great actions. The Tapejara is one of those creatures that can offer a lot in the way of utility at both higher and lower levels of your gameplay. The Tapejara is an elusive and shy creature, making it hard to tame. This guide will detail how to tame the Tapejara in Ark: Survival Evolved.

Where to find the Tapejara and what it does in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Tapejara is an older creature in the game; it has been around for a while. This creature might be hard to pin down, but it is found on every map in the game, not on Aberration. They are found around cliff-sides, warmer terrains, and sometimes forests.

The Tapejara has two saddles that it can wear. Its basic saddle allows players to lift passengers, while its advanced saddle, the Tek Saddle, allows it to shoot Tek bullets so long as it has Element in its inventory. The Tapejara is able to turn on a point and hold onto walls in exchange for Stamina.

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What you’ll need to tame the Tapejara in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Tapejara does not stick around and will fly away if you get too close to it. So you’ll need a method to pin it down. There are several ways to do that, based on what level you are and what you feel comfortable with:

  • 1x Bola, Net Projectile, or 1x Rare Flower: You can combine the Rare Flower with the other methods of pinning the Tapejara in place.
  • Tranquilizing Ammunitions: Based on the weapon you’ve selected.
  • Longneck Rifle, Tek Bow, or Crossbow: Whichever you have will work, but remember, the higher the damage, the higher the Torpor.
  • One of these taming foods: Superior Kibble x11, Allosaurus Kibble x11 (Mobile), Raw Mutton, and Raw Prime Meat. These amounts are based on a 150 Tapejara and a 1x Taming Rate. 

How to tame the Tapejara in Ark: Survival Evolved

You’ll need to ensure that the area around you is free from aggressive predators like Dilophosaur, Carnos, or Direwolves because they are drawn to attacking the Tapejara and will ruin your tame or kill it. Also because you’ll be consuming a Rare Flower, which draws the aggression of all animals in your area.

Consume your Rare Flower and Bola or Net the Tapejara as it approaches. From there, you can use your chosen weapon with its Tranquilizing Amo equipped to shoot the Tapejara. The Tapejara takes increased Torpor from shots to its head. 

Place the chosen Taming Food in the Tapejara’s inventory once it passes out, and wait for it to consume the food and tame up.