How to tame and ride a Horse in Minecraft

Get on your horse.

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Horses are well known for being great methods of transportation. In Minecraft, finding them and getting them to take you around can be a little confusing. You will need to find a special item and get them to trust you before you can control their movements. Here is how to tame and ride Horses in Minecraft.

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How to tame a Horse in Minecraft

You first need to find a Horse before you can tame and ride it. They are usually found in Plains biomes but can occasionally be wandering in other areas.

When you find one, walk up to it with nothing in your hand. Don’t worry about being careful approaching them; they do not frighten and run away like in real life. Interact with the Horse, and you will jump onto its back. After a few seconds, it will buck you off. You need to keep jumping on the Horse’s back until it eventually stops bucking you off. When you see hearts appear, the Horse trusts you, and you can freely interact and get on it without it kicking you off.

How to ride a Horse around

While you may have tamed the Horse, you can not actually direct it where to go quite yet. Instead, you will need to gather a Saddle. Unfortunately, you will need to find them because there is currently no way to craft them.

There are a few ways to get a Saddle in Minecraft. You can fish them up, find them in Chests around the world, or trade with a Leatherworker Villager. Once you have one, go to your tamed Horse and get on its back. Open your inventory, and you will now be able to see the Horse’s inventory. Move the Saddle in its slot, and you can now fully control where it moves. This is also where you can put Horse Armor to help protect it.