How to target enemies in Windbound

Lock on to your target.

Image via 5 Lives Studios

The targeting function in Windbound works a bit differently than traditional games. You won’t see an icon on the screen showing you what enemy you’re targeting. Instead, Kara’s stance changes, and you should see a small dodge icon on the bottom of your screen. While it may not make combat the easiest thing in the world, it’s essential to make sure you effectively dodge charging animals.

When you want to target an animal, hit the LT on your controller, hold it, or use the middle mouse button to use a mouse and keyboard. Those using a mouse and keyboard only have to hit it once and hit the button again to exit the target mode. It’s heavily recommended to play with a controller, though. Kara’s stance will change, and she’ll bring out whatever weapon she has, be it a knife or spear. You can do this action out combat.

Kara will move and look at a creature while in combat. You can test this out against a Razorback to see how her body follows the creature while it roams around or try it when it’s sleeping. You should see the creature’s health bar at the top of your screen. Make sure to use the dodging feature when fighting an animal, or you can expect to take plenty of damage from a larger foe that you’re hunting.