How to teleport to your friends in Minecraft Dungeons

Click your heels.

Minecraft Dungeons

Screengrab via Mojang

Some of the dungeons and crypts in Minecraft Dungeons are, frankly, enormous. You could easily spend up to an hour exploring one of them, fighting monsters and finding loot with your friends.

Some folks out there might decide it is more efficient for everyone to split up, and cover different parts of the dungeon. The good news is that you can teleport directly to your friends if they find something good, or a boss fight that everyone wants to take part in.

When you are far away from people in your party, you will notice a new prompt pops up on the bottom right of the screen, giving you an option to teleport to them. Hit the prompted button, then select which friend you wish to teleport to. You can only teleport to friends in the same instance as you, this is not a method of matchmaking.

After channeling the teleport, you will swiftly appear beside your friend. While this is a great little feature, we don’t really recommend splitting up too much. If you die, you will need someone around to revive you, or else a dangerous time known as Night will start. This is a very risky time for players and is how the game forces parties to stick together in dungeons.

It can also be a bit annoying because the game uses instanced armor and weapon loot, your friends won’t know what items have dropped for you if they open a chest or kill a mob. In general, it is better to stick together, at least in the early game while everyone is trying to get more powerful as quickly as possible.