How to trade with other players in Temtem

You can trade with any Temtem Tamer you encounter in the game.

Image via Crema

Temtem is all about exploring the world and encountering rare Temtem to add them to your squad to make your line much more powerful. Because Temtem is an online game, you’re going to see other players running around the area also investigating for Temtem. They may have some Temtem you have never seen before, and you may have some they’ve never seen. If you can work something out, you might be able to start a trade.

If you wish to trade with another player, you need to look them up by hitting the menu button. Look for the icon of two people standing next to one another and expand the menu to choose to interact. From there, you should see a massive list of all the Tamers nearby. If you want to trade with a friend, you need to go to your friend’s list on the same menu. Click on the Tamer’s icon to open up a more extensive menu where you should see several options on how to interact with them.

On the right side, you should see the orange trade icon. Click on it, and the Tamer should receive a request for the two of you to trade. When they accept, a new screen opens up for you and the other Tamer to exchange Temtem or items with each other. Accept the trade and you should be good to go.

You can trade with any Tamer you encounter. You do not have to be friends with another player to trade with them. If you discuss trading with a random Tamer you encounter who needs some Balm or are looking for a particular Temtem, reach out to them to see how both of you can benefit.