How to trade in Warframe

Make that money, or get what you need.


Image via Digital Extremes

Warframe has a partially player driven economy. Certain items can be farmed and sold in game for Warframe’s premium currency, known as Platinum. What makes things interesting is that players can farm up items and sell them, then use that Platinum to buy stuff from the Market in-game, allowing them to buy Warframes or weapons, or all kinds of other things.

Who Can Trade?

You need to have a minimum Mastery Rank of 2 to be able to buy and sell items. It’s not difficult to hit that rank, so it is something you can do pretty early in the game. All items will also have a trade tax in credits. The tax will vary from item to item, but certain types are very expensive. Primed Mods, for example, will cost one million credits to trade.

Where Can You Trade?

Trading can be done either in the Clan Dojo or at Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars. In a Dojo, you can trade at a Trading Post, while in the Bazaar you effectively set up your own little shop. If you are in the Bazaar and press Q, you will see an option to set up a shop. You can then pick what items you wish to advertise to the other players in the Bazaar.

What Items Can You Trade?

Standard items cannot be traded in the game. Prime Parts in the form of blueprints, Platinum, Syndicate Weapons, mods, and relics can all be traded. You can also sell Ayatan Stars and Sculptures, fish from Cetus, and Focus Lenses.

How Much Can You Trade?

You can make one trade per Mastery Rank per day. This means someone with a Mastery Rank of two can trade twice every 24 hours. Someone with a Mastery Rank of twenty can trade twenty times per 24 hours. You can trade up to five items at the same time, which is useful for selling weapons and Prime Warframes.

How Much Should You Charge?

Knowing how much to charge is the hardest part of trading. Ask for too little, and you are undervaluing your own time spent getting the item. Charge too much, and nobody will buy it. I would strongly suggest using the Warframe Market website to check what the general market price is, then decide if you want to go a little over or under that value.

This covers just about everything you need to know to be able to make Platinum in Warframe. The main thing to do is buy and sell carefully, and know the value of what you are trading.