How to Trade With Other Players in Death Stranding

Death Stranding

The central focus of Death Stranding is to have the main character, Sam Porter Bridges, wander the dystopian American landscape to deliver packages while connecting the last surviving cities. A lot is going on in the game, where players have to manage Sam’s stamina and carrying weight, while ensuring they don’t encounter enemies along the way. However, there are some benefits, and there are ways to find help in this harsh landscape. That’s where other players come in, and everyone can trade with each other. Here’s how you do it.

How to Trade With Other Players in Death Stranding

Trading doesn’t work how you’d traditionally expect it to function. There’s no trading window where players get to see what they’re giving other players, and players won’t always know what they’re going to get. The way it works in Death Stranding is leaving things behind that you may not need for others who do, and hoping it helps them in their journey.

The mechanic to begin trading doesn’t unlock until the second episode, shortly after players make their delivery to the Waystation West of Capital Knot City. After this point, players can take up an optional order where they go northeast of the west Waystation to place a Postbox. By following the steps of the mission, players are going to have the chance to fabricate a Portable Chiral Constructor (PCC) at a terminal. The PCC is how players go about creating Postboxes, and when they place these structures, other players playing their game have the chance to encounter them.

Now, players do not immediately leave any essential items or containers full of supplies. Instead, they must manually go up to the Postbox and donate any supplies on Sam they don’t plan to use by giving them to the Share Locker. You cannot later retrieve any donated items from the Share Locker once they go through, so it’s crucial to donate only items you are sure you will not miss. After they get donated, another player is likely going to stumble on the Postbox on their journey.

During Episode 2 in the game, players are going to have the option to make supply requests about any particular materials they’d like to have. Other players in the game have the option to fulfill these requests, and they could take a little time. But it makes it easier for players to directly ask others for help.

That’s all there is to it. For players looking for Postboxes out in the world, they need to use their scanner, hitting the R1 button to locate them. When you find them, making sure to frantically run the touchpad on the PlayStation 4 controller to give it Likes and thank the player who built it. Death Stranding is all about helping everyone during their arduous journey, and not immediately seeing the results.

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