How to treat infected wounds in Green Hell

You should take care of infections right away.


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Green Hell’s jungle setting is, inherently, unsanitary. As such, many of the injuries your character will undoubtedly sustain might become infected. Not only do infections hamper your chances of survival, but they could potentially lead to death if left untreated. This guide will explain how to treat infected wounds in Green Hell, as well as offer a few tips to prevent infections.

In Green Hell, falls, fights, and encounters with wild animals can rough you up pretty badly. If left untreated, your wound will become infected. You can tell if a wound is infected by looking at the injured limb via the body inspector. If it’s infected, your wound will be severely discolored and more swollen than usual.

Unfortunately, you won’t find any medkits in Green Hell. The only way you can heal your infection is by using maggots, which you can harvest from rotting corpses and spoiled meat. As gross as it may sound, you need to place the maggots on the wound. Inspect the infected limb, open your inventory, and drag one batch of maggots onto your wound. The maggots will eat away the infection, and within a few minutes, the infection should be gone. As the infection takes a while to pass, you should make sure you’re in a safe place before beginning this process.

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Even though you’ve gotten rid of the infection, the wound will still be open, so you’ll need to apply a bandage to it to prevent reinfection. Any bandage should work, but we recommend higher-quality bandages with disinfectant properties, such as the Honey Dressing bandage. We also recommend stocking up on bandages wherever you go in case you sustain an injury; applying a bandage to a fresh wound is the best way to prevent an infection in the first place.