How to turn a Small Dripleaf into a Big Dripleaf in Minecraft

It doesn’t happen naturally.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Small Dripleaf in Minecraft is a difficult item to obtain. Normally, it would generate in Lush Caves, but currently, in Minecraft update 1.17, Lush Caves are unavailable. Because of that, the only way to obtain a Small Dripleaf is by speaking with a Wandering Trader. They’ll be willing to trade you one for one emerald.

When you place a Small Dripleaf down, it becomes a series of vines growing up from a block, not growing below it. You can only place them on the top of clay and moss blocks, not on the bottom. There’s a chance a Small Dripleaf can spawn on dirt, farmland, grass, and podzol, but these blocks need to underwater, unlike clay and moss.

If you’re looking to move a Small Dripleaf to a new location, you need to place it on any of the previously mentioned blocks. The only way to extract it from a block is by using a pair of shears. Once you place it down, you can transform a Small Dripleaf into a Big Dripleaf using bone meal.

The only way to turn a Small Dripleaf into a Big Dripleaf is through bone meal. This plant will not naturally grow into one. You can wait as long as you want, but your Small Dripleaf will remain unchanged unless you use bone meal. When you have a Big Dripleaf, you can use it as a platform and jump to higher locations, but it will drop you if you remain on it for too long.