How to turn DualSense Controller off and on

It’s a good controller.

The new PlayStation 5 controller, the DualSense Controller, has plenty of depth to it. It has haptic feedback that gives you an authentic feeling when you click the triggers, making it appear as if you’ll pulling the string of a bow, or your character is walking through sand or over rocks. There’s a lot of praise for the PS5 and the controller.

When you want to power it on to start playing your favorite game, all you have to do is press the PS symbol at the controller’s center. Wait for the indicator at the front to light up, and then it should automatically connect to the PS5 or Bluetooth device you’ve synced with it. If you press it several times or hold it, and it doesn’t turn on, you may have to connect the USB cable to it for a charge. You can still use the controller while it’s plugged in and charging. When it finishes reaching a full battery, remove the USB cable, and you can use the controller wirelessly with the hardware you’ve synced to it. You can only pair your DualSense Controller with a single PS5 console at a time.

After you’ve finished playing and you’re ready to take a break, you want to turn off your controller to prevent it from draining its battery. If you have your controller connected to a PS5, you can click and hold the PS symbol on it and wait for the internal menu to pop-up. From there, you can directly choose to turn your controller off and walk away. If you connect it to another device, click and hold the PS symbol until the controller automatically turns off. The indicator at the front of it should be turned off, and there should be no lights.

After turning the controller off, it’s a good idea to connect it to an outlet or your PS5 to recharge its battery. You can do this while your PS5 is turned on or if it’s in rest mode, allowing you to use the controller wirelessly when you return.