How to turn off AI data collection in Discord

You will get less of an experience for doing this.

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Discord is beginning to train and roll out various AI implementations onto the chat service. For these features to be fully realized, they will be collecting user data, even if you have not agreed to it. This data collection is something you are opted into by default, but you can put a block to it. Here is how to turn off AI data collection in Discord.

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How to block AI data collection on Discord

As noted above, by default, Discord will be collecting data from you to train their upcoming AI. To stop this, open up your Discord app and go to User Settings. Enter the Privacy & Safety section on the left side of the screen and scroll down until you find the How we use your data section. When here, you will need to turn off Use data to improve Discord and Use data to customize my Discord experience.

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When you go to shut off either of these options, you will be met with a message saying you will lose access to various features that the service uses when you share your data. For example, your Active Now section will be limited with this turned off, so you are losing some basic features from the service if you do this. Go through with this to prevent Discord from using your data to make themselves money and train their controversial AI usage.

Why should I stop AI data collection on Discord?

If you are unsure about the situation, Discord is implementing new AI services to automate your servers. For example, an AI can be your main moderator for your server, but some people are unwilling to put that responsibility in a robot’s hands. To get these functions ready, Discord wants to collect your data to train their AI. To do this, they will record your voice chats and video calls and have direct access to all content you post.

The use of AI in just about any service these days is going to be met with a lot of controversy. We recommend looking into everything that the service is looking to do with this technology to see if it is something you want to support or not. Some of the data you give Discord does allow them to give you useful features, so be aware that turning it off can dampen your overall experience. At some point, there is a question of whether or not you should delete your Discord account if you don’t agree with the things they are doing.