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The 10 coolest profile pictures (PFPs) for Steam, Discord, and more

Be cooler than cool.

You never know who you are going to run into on social media these days while playing video games. Whether it’s on Discord, Steam, any other site, having a cool profile picture can make you stand out from everyone else on the platform. Your profile picture can tell people a lot about you, so why not make sure everyone knows you’re the coolest one on the server.

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With such a massive variety of choices out there that you can pick from, it can be daunting to select something cool while also fitting your personality. If you’re looking to get some inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve got some coolest profile pictures ideas to get you started on Steam, Discord, and more.

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The coolest profile pictures for Discord, Steam, and more

You can have a lot of fun customizing your profile picture for different social media platforms, using them to showcase your mood. You can have a nice, chill picture to set the tone for your online interactions, but sometimes you want to be the coolest one in the chat. Here are some of the best options we’ve selected for cool profile pictures on Discord, Steam, or anywhere else you frequent online.


Image via ABC Kids

This Australian show has taken over the world, so don’t let anyone tell you that Bluey isn’t cool because there will be an army of small children ready to fight you over that. With plenty of adorable characters to choose from you can show your love for this Australian cattle dog family.

Cowboy Bebop

Image via Sunrise Studio

Speaking of style, few anime have had the cool factor quite like Cowboy Bebop. Every character in every frame is an absolute mood. There is the smooth and mysterious Spike Spiegel, the treacherous but alluring Faye Valentine, the steady Jet Black, or the eccentric Ed. It is one of the coolest, most celebrated shows in anime history, with a character to match whatever vibe you’re trying to put out.

Anastasia holding a glass of liquorEd wearing glasses on head looking puzzledViscious smirking at Spike
Spike with scratch on face and holding a gunFaye smilingRen wearing a hood over his head
Jet black with eyes closed and smoke around himJulia with a very serious expressionPunch and Judy holding guns and dressed like cowboyz
Screenshots by Gamepur

You can find images from the show that are casual, dramatic, or funny, but anyone who knows the source material will know exactly what you’re about when they see it, making it the perfect option to bring the cool factor to your profile picture on Discord, Steam, or anywhere else.

Elmo Rise

Image via Know Your Meme

It has become one of the most popular memes on the internet over the past few years, but its origins are strangely adorable. Back in 2012, a user on posted a picture of a distressed Elmo atop a children’s birthday cake. Someone soon put the image in front of rising flames and Elmo Rise, aka Hellmo, was born.

It makes a cool profile picture simply because it is instantly recognizable and sums up how many of us feel in social situations. Elmo Rise is a good choice for almost any situation.

Northern Lights

Image via Hans on Pixabay

Few people have the chance to see them, but they are one of the most famous natural phenomena on the planet. The Northern Lights occur when solar radiation bounces around on the Earth’s magnetic field, causing the sky to erupt in a dazzling display of color and light. It is a magical sight to take in, certainly cool enough to make for an understated profile picture.

Northern lights over mountainNorthern Lights over houseNorthern Lights over house
Northern lights over houseNorthern lights with pink hew Northern lights over forest
Northern lights over houseNothern lights over townNorthern lights over forest
Screenshots by Gamepur

Setting your profile picture to the Northern Lights is a way to inject a bit of magic into your online presence.

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The Simpsons

Image via Fox

The Simspons is a popular tv sitcom that has been on the air since the late 80’s, and because of that, there are hundreds of characters to use as a profile picture. From the main cast of characters like Bart Simpson, or Ned Flanders there a plenty of fan favorites to go with. As a bonus, there is a huge selection of celebrities that have been simpsonified into cartoon characters that you could also go with; such as Billie Eilish, Lizzo, and Seth Rogen.

Persona 5 Characters

Image via Atlus

Few games in recent history have oozed style quite like Persona 5. Every character has a slick design, made even cooler by how they appear during their All-Out Attacks. Whether it is the mischievous grin of Joker, the playfulness of Ann, or the aloof artistry of Yusuke, every character can help represent you on social media in the best possible way.

Persona 5 character AnnYasuke with a dragon and blue glovesFutaba working on a computer
Tae wearing a spiked chokerHaru wearing a hat and holding a staffRyuji smirking at an enemy
Hifumi pondering with hand on chinProtagonist wearing glasses and looking at his phoneMakoto in battle costume and mask
Makoto wearing battle armor and maskMorgana smirkingRyuji wearing mask and hand up
Protagonist in red gloves holding a gunHaru smiling and holding hands togetherManehisha folding his arms
Screenshots by Gamepur

There is also a plethora of fan art for the Persona 5 characters out there for you to choose from that can make your profile picture just a little more unique. There are even plenty out there that can be cute as well as cool. Just be sure to credit the artist where you can.

Musicians and Bands

Image via Nirvana

When gaming, people sometimes love to listen to music in the background, so why not share your favorite bands or singers in your profile picture? Maybe there’s an album that you’re really enjoying right now that you want to show your appreciation for, or look back at a classic band that made waves in the 90s. There are a lot of great choices out there for you to show what type of music you love to blast through your headphones.

Squirtle Squad

Image via Bulbapedia

Everyone knows the Squirtle Squad, even if they’re only casually aware of the Pokémon anime. These rogue Pokémon showed up in episode 12 of the anime and have become an unforgettable part of the series ever since. Sure, they’re cute, but those shades and that attitude say that they mean business.

Setting your profile picture on any social media site as the Squirtle Squad tells everyone that you’re not here to play, but also that you’re bringing the cute factor as well. There are countless pieces of fanart out there of our favorite renegade Pokémon, so don’t be afraid to get creative with how you show your Squirtle Pride.

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Comic Book Characters

Image via PlayStation

Comic book movies, TV shows, and games have been on the rise for over a decade now, as they’ve shot themselves into the mainstream stratosphere. There are thousands of cool characters to choose from with over 60 years of history to look back through. Why not pick one of your favorites and show the world whose side you’re on?

You, Because You’re Awesome!

Image via Xbox Youtube

Why not use a profile picture of yourself? Grab an amazing photo of where you’re looking fantastic and slap the image up for everyone else to see. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not cool, because they’re wrong. You’re awesome!

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