How to turn off auto party in MultiVersus

Don’t get matched up with just anyone.

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

One of the critical aspects of the new Warner Bros. platform fighter MultiVersus is that the game’s primary focus is a 2v2 team-based game. One nice feature is that the game will keep you in a party with the people you are matched with. But sometimes, you don’t want to be automatically locked in with a random stranger. Here’s how to turn off auto-party matchmaking in MultiVersus.

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Turning off auto party in MultiVersus settings

If you and your teammate both say yes to a best of three after playing a match, regardless of whether you win or lose, you will have about five seconds to decide if you want to stay in a party with them. This can be a great way to make new friends, which is helpful for progression, as MultiVersus gives you an XP and Gold boost when playing with a friend. But if that time-sensitive pressure makes you uncomfortable, you can thankfully turn it off in the settings.

screenshot by Gamepur

First, log in to the game and go to the settings menu; it looks like a gear icon and is just above the Gold that you have sitting in your account. Then, navigate down to the sub-menu that says Online/Legal. Inside that menu, the first option is Autoparty with Teammate. If you uncheck that, you will now only be able to accept party invites manually. If you want to make sure that only friends can send you invites, select Party Invites from Friends Only.

By only playing with friends you know in 2v2, chances are you’ll synergize much better with your teammate. This is especially important when playing characters like Reindog, who excel at cooperative play. While MultiVersus does not have in-game voice or text chat, you can use applications like Discord to communicate.