How to turn off Cuff and Frey banter in Forspoken

You don’t have to press mute.

Image via Square Enix

Forspoken’s Cuff and Frey talk plenty throughout the game. Their interactions can be comical, witty, or explain bits of lore or background information but they aren’t necessary. While hearing them can be entertaining, sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to hear Cuff constantly speaking or bringing up information about the world and its monsters. There is a way to mute the magical item from speaking so much; here’s how to do it.

How to cut the chat between Cuff and Frey

Throughout your adventure in Forspoken, characters Frey and Cuff will argue, idly chat, and try to one-up each other. It can be quite fun to listen to at first, but it can get to be too much. While fighting and exploring, Cuff will inform Frey of what is happening and comment on enemies and new areas. If you’re one of the players who is growing tired of their banter, you can turn off their conversation in the game’s settings.

Open the Settings Menu and head to Accessibility Settings. Search until you find Cuff Settings and you’ll see a list of options for the magical, sentient bracelet. Select Cuff Chat Frequency to adjust how often Cuff and Frey speak to one another during the game.

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can select from four options: minimal, low, default, and high. Selecting the minimal setting means you will only hear dialogue related to advancing the story. Conversations will include details about enemies, places, lore, and other information related to the main quest. Default is the standard amount of conversation you’ll hear during the game and is what is automatically selected when starting Forspoken. Whereas high has Frey and Cuff talking more to each other throughout their journey and the low setting has the characters speaking less. Changing or turning off a specific dialogue setting will not impact Forspoken’s cutscenes.