How to turn off HDR in Mass Effect Legendary Edtion – Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

One of the changes that have been made to Mass Effect Legendary Edition is that all three titles now support HDR. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, is a feature of some monitors and televisions that allows them to output a wider range of colors, with a more varied range of brightness across that spectrum.

While the games are set up to automatically turn this option on in the event of a suitable viewing device being used, this can cause issues for some players. Many will struggle to use their screenshotting software if the HDR option is on, so in this guide we will quickly show you how to turn it off.

All three games have the option to do so in the same place. In the main menu click on Extras, then Options, and finally Calibration. This will bring you to the HDR options where you can switch it from on to off.

There will be a brief period on PC where the game resets slightly, as it needs to restart the rendering engine without the HDR feature, but this does not require a full restart of the game. Once the game comes back from a very brief black screen, players will be able to jump right into a new campaign, or their saved game files.