How to turn on creative mode in Ark Survival Evolved

Time for god mode.

Image via Studio Wildcard.

Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game available on several platforms. Even though the game’s main objective is pretty straightforward, there are other intricacies that players must learn. There is a possibility that you might struggle in the game, especially as a beginner. If so, you can run the game on creative mode, which is essentially a sandbox mode where you control every aspect.

How to turn on creative mode

The creative mode, also known as the god mode, is where almost all of the restrictions are lifted. When playing in the creative mode, you’ll be able to fly, instantly craft any item, move any object, and utilize many other amazing perks that are otherwise unavailable.

To turn the creative mode on, you need to open the admin console. On PC, this can be done by simply pressing the Tab key. Once opened, you’ll be able to enter different commands. Here enter “GiveCreativeMode” or “GCM”, which will instantly enable the creative mode. Furthermore, you can also enable the creative mode for any player in your line of sight. To do so, type “GiveCreativeModeToTarget” or “GCMT.” Lastly, if you want to enable the mode for a specific player, type “GiveCreativeModeToPlayer” or “GCMP.”

Simply go to your inventory and check your items to see if the mode is enabled. If you have access to every item in the game, the command has done its job.