How to turn PCI on or off in MLB The Show 21

Let’s talk PCI.

MLB The Show 21 offers players a number of different ways to hit. One of these methods is to use PCI, which is short for Plate Coverage Indicator. PCI is the mechanism that allows the player to target the area where the user believes the ball will go, while up at the plate.

Screenshot from Gamepur

While PCI does offer some added precision to MLB The Show 21, it’s isn’t necessary to have on. If you want to shut it off, here’s what you have to do.

Go to the Main Menu, and then select the Settings option. This icon can be found on the upper-right section of the home screen. From here, select the Settings option, and then Gameplay.

After you have done that, scroll down until you see the Plate Coverage Indicator option. To turn it off, switch this setting to Off. If you feel you want to re-activate PCI, you can go back to the Settings and turn it back on at any time.

Screenshot from Gamepur

For newcomers, it might be best to turn this option out at first. This will enable you to get a feel of how hitting works in MLB The Show, as well as iron out other details, including the camera angle and so forth. After you’ve gained a bit of experience, though, you may want to turn it back on. While there is a bit of risk involved, hitting with PCI can actually boost your game, so long as you move it as you track the ball.

Additionally, we should point out that you can also change the look of the PCI, including its color, shape, and transparency. Just scroll down a bit further in the Gameplay settings, and you should be able to find those options.