How to turn voice chat on and off in Rainbow Six Siege

Communication is key, until it’s not.

Screenshot by Gamepur

In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Sig: Siege, teams will have to work together to either defend or attack the objective in each round of the match. As with many other games that require teamwork, making use of voice chat and communicating with each other will give you a better chance at victory. That being said, sometimes you just want to play the game and not deal with anyone else. Here is how you can turn voice chat off or on in Rainbow Six: Siege.

Unfortunately, there is no quick switch to turn voice chat on or off in Rainbow Six Siege, but you can lower the volume to make so you can’t hear others. To alter your voice chat settings, open up Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen on the main menu. Go to the Audio tab, and at the bottom will be a slider to adjust the volume of other players’ voices. Turn it to zero to mute them or put it back to 100 to hear them fully. Keep in mind that this will not mute your mic, so others will still hear you if you talk into it.

If you are looking only to silence one person on your team, bring up the in-game scoreboard and click the mic icon next to their name. This will silence just that person, so if you want, you can just mute everyone in the lobby instead of turning your audio down.