How to un-rig the Pillinko Machine in Hollis’ Hot Streak in Psychonauts 2

How’s your luck?

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There are three areas you’re going to need to complete if you want to become a High Roller inside Hollis’ personal casino in Psychonauts 2. One of the locations you’re visiting will have you compete on a Plinko machine, but it’s rigged. Three helpful characters in the casino have offered to help Raz with the issue. This guide details the process to un-rig the Pillinko Machino in Hollis’ Hot Streak.

You’ll need to speak with all three of the patrons. You can find them on the second floor of the room. After speaking with them, each has a pair of thoughts connected. You’ll need to reconnect the thoughts to create a more desirable outcome. You need to make the first pair between the thought bubbles ‘wisdom’ and ‘decisions’. Doing this creates the thought bubble ‘ judgment.’

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With judgment now available, you want to connect that one with the thought bubble ‘quitting’. These are not too far away from each other.

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This will create a third thought bubble, ‘moderation’ behind the Plinko machine. The final step is to connect moderation with the thought bubble ‘victory,’ next to the old man on the second floor.

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You can then proceed through the heart of the Plinko Machine to enter the next area. By following this pathway, you’ll have a chance to connect two thought bubbles, ‘sharing’ and ‘feelings,’ and the heart will return to its correct location on the Plinko board. You then return to the Pillinko Machine area, and you speak with the syringe to try and complete the Plinko Machine again.

While inside the machine, your goal will be to get your pill to the stomach icon on the machine. You’ll be able to do this by going down any of the sides of the machine and then going to the icon with the ‘Gazillion’ number on it. When you make it to this location on the machine, you’ll receive your Gazillion coin.