How to unlock 442 Oldsmobile in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Classic muscle never fails.


Screenshot by Gamepur

While you can see all of the cars that you’ve yet to unlock in your collection in Hot Wheels Unleashed, there are five Secret cars that you can’t track in this menu because they’re omitted until you unlock them. One of those cars is the 442 Oldsmobile, a classic Hot Wheels car that commemorates a popular classic muscle car. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock the 442 Oldsmobile so you can start racing like you’re in the 80s.

How to unlock the 442 Oldsmobile

The five Secret cars in Hot Wheels Unleashed are unlocked by completing a part of the game’s campaign, such as every race, time trial, or Boss Race. However, this particular car can only be unlocked by completing every Secret in the game’s campaign.

You need to complete nine Secrets in the campaign before the 442 Oldsmobile can be yours. These involve racing specific cars around certain tracks, but others, like the Top Secret mission, are linked to completing particular races. Once you’ve completed every Secret, the 442 Oldsmobile will be available in your inventory to drive.

This car is based on the 442 muscle car produced by car manufacturer Oldsmobile. It was popular in the 60s, 70s, and 80s and hasn’t really gone out of fashion. However, these days you’re more likely to find a 442 Oldsmobile as part of a classic car show or rally rather than being driven around as someone’s day-to-day vehicle.