How to complete the Top Secret mission in Hot Wheels Unleashed

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Screenshot by Gamepur

Out of all the Secrets in Hot Wheels Unleashed, the Top Secret mission node is the toughest to complete. The clue tells you no more than the words “Top Secret,” and you have to work out what that means with nothing more to go on than the nodes on the campaign map. This guide covers how to complete this Top Secret mission.

How to complete the Top Secret mission

The Top Secret mission is impossible to complete without first completing a few more Secrets in the game. There are nine in total, and you need to work your way through them to unlock the new nodes they’re covering. Eventually, you’ll unlock a Secret node that transforms into a race called Top Secret. All you need to do then is complete that race to complete the Top Secret mission. You unlock Top Secret by completing the Buns of Steel Secret.

When we were trying to complete this Secret, we tried all sorts of combinations of cars and races. In reality, we had to wait until it was the final Secret for us to unlock, and that’s when we put all the pieces together. So try not to worry too much about completing all the Secrets before you’ve beaten all the Boss Races. Until you have, you won’t be able to reach the Top Secret race anyway.