How to unlock additional classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Learn every fighting style.

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There are a lot of additional classes that you can eventually get access to in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Of all these classes, you start off having access to three of them. After Chapter One ends, you gain access to the other three that make up your team of fighters. There are still 16 more classes for you to find in the world and unlock. This will take a little while. Luckily, all of the classes are unlocked in the same way; heroes.

How to unlock additional classes

Each of the classes that you will unlock during the course of the campaign are all linked to the heroes that you will meet. Over the course of the game, you will discover what is known as Hero Quests. These quests will introduce you to new characters that you can take with you on your journey to aid you in battle.

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After completing a Hero Quest, the NPC that you assist will grant one of the six protagonists access to their class. The one who gains the class will be called the inheritor. After gaining access to a new class, go into the character menu and select the class option to equip it on whoever inherited the class. For instance, Ethel’s Flash Fencer class will be inherited by Noah. This means that only Noah will have access to the class right away.

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As you use a new class, check the character menu for the other members of your party. Under the class section, you will see a silhouette of the heroes slowly get filled in. When the silhouette gets completely filled in, that character will gain access to the class as well. The game suggests using the same class on multiple characters so that the rest of the team learns how to use the class quicker. Remember, while you will unlock a few classes simply by completing the story, you will need to discover a few Hero Quests that are hidden in the world to unlock them all.