How to unlock all secret characters in Star Renegades

More characters to help you save the galaxy.

Star Renegades

Image via Raw Fury

Saving the galaxy in Star Renegades means you to work together with as many ragtag fighters as possible. No one is too good, or too bad, to work with you to fight against the impending Imperium invasion. Four locked characters do not show up in the main menu, although the final character available to pick is also locked, but it’s not hidden. To unlock these characters, you need to have specific characters work together to increase their friendship during a run to save the galaxy. After you fill the particular relationship meter between these characters, new characters become available for you to purchase using intel.

The fifth character, the Paragon, becomes available after you finish your first run against the Imperium. The other four require certain character classes to reach a full relationship meter and become soulmates. These are the character classes you unlock, and the characters you need to use:

  • Gunslinger: The Commando and the Saboteur
  • Juggernaut: The Aegis and the Enforcer
  • Spectre: The Empath and the Marksman
  • Varangian: The Valkryrie and the Archon

You can increase the character’s relationship meter each time they make camp at the end of the day. Try having these characters work together to take down a commander to receive a free card they can use to increase their friendship at no extra cost, and then focus on building the meter up with additional buffs and bonuses.