How to unlock and complete Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark

You’ll need to summon some friends.

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Abyss Dungeons are high-level endgame activities in Lost Ark. They are limited, in that you can only run them a few times per week to farm their rewards, but the rewards themselves are worth it. This quick guide will explain how you can unlock Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark and how to complete them.

Unlocking Abyss Dungeons

Since they are endgame content, Abyss Dungeons are only accessible to players who have reached level 50. To unlock them, you will have to follow the Blue World line of quests, which takes place largely in Northern Vern. Eventually, you will be handed the Waiting and Leaving quest, and once you have concluded it, you will have access to Abyss Dungeons. Next, head to¬†one of Lost Ark’s major metropolises, open the map and look for an icon that looks like a gate with a blue crystal: those are the access points to Abyss Dungeons. Using the interface, you will also be able to match up with groups looking to embark on Abyss Dungeon runs or create a group of your own.

Completing Abyss Dungeons

Farming Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark comes down to tackling them with the right build, as each Dungeon is different and poses unique challenges. Abyss Dungeons have different minimal item level requirements, ranging from 325 on the low end and going all the way up to 1325. Whichever Abyss Dungeon you happen to delve into, make sure you’re confident in your equipment and upgrades, and that a good group accompanies you. Ideally, you would run Abyss Dungeons in Lost Ark with a pre-made group of friends, and you would all be in voice chat. On a final note, you can only run each Abyss Dungeon up to three times per week with each of your characters.