How to unlock and complete all Story chapters in GRID Legends

Let’s break down the Story mode.

Image via Codemasters

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GRID Legends features an innovative story mode, one that features cinematic cutscenes that feature actors, as well as fast-paced and competitive races that can really test one’s racing strength. The story mode in GRID Legends is a long one, to say the least. There are over 30 different chapters in the story, and in order to move on to the next chapter, users will need to complete a certain objective in the preceding one.

So, what are the objectives for the story mode in GRID Legends? Let’s go over what you need to do in order to progress in this campaign mode.

All Story chapters and objectives in GRID Legends

1BeginningsFinish ahead of Mateo Vega
2Prove YourselfFinish 8th or higher
3New BeginningsComplete 3 laps
4InductionFinish 10th or higher
5Into the FrayFinish 10th or higher
6Elbows OutBeat Valentin Manzi
7Skill SetFinish 7th or higher
8Street SmartBeat Valentin Manzi
9RivalryBeat Yume
10Thunder Down UnderFinish 5th or higher
11Unto the BreachFinish 8th or higher
12Hi-VoltageFinish 5th or higher
13The Main EventFinish 2nd or higher
14Bring it OnComplete 1 lap
15The Bug LeagueFinish 10th or higher
16Pickup the RaceFinish 7th or higher
17Superficial DamageFinish 8th or higher
18Chasing NateComplete 3 laps
19TKOFinish 5th or higher
20Lightning BoltFinish 5th or higher
21Chemistry 101Finish 4th or higher
22The Perfect RecipeFinish 4th or higher
23Cry HavocFinish 4th or higher
24HeadhuntersFinish 3th or higher
25Catch My Drift?Complete the event
26Trafalgar Square OffFinish 7th or higher
27Hanging OnFinish 6th or higher
28Dig DeepFinish 6th or higher
29Razor’s EdgeFinish 4th or higher
30Road to NowhereFinish 4th or higher
31Back in the FightHave a race with Yume
32Tag TeamFinish 5th or higher
33Yume ProceedFinish 5th or higher
34No PressureFinish 4th or higher
35All or NothingFinish 2nd or higher
36This is ItFinish 1st or higher

As mentioned earlier, players can move on to the next chapter by completing the objective set in the preceding one.