How to unlock and complete Choplifting missions in Saints Row

Fly low and fast.

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There are multiple side missions and hustles you can do in Saints Row. You can do these activities throughout the city to earn extra cash to supply your criminal empire and spread your reputation. One of these activities is called Cholifting, and in it, you’ll be piloting a helicopter with a payload attached to the bottom. Your goal will be to reach the designated location before time runs out. This guide covers what you need to know to unlock Choplifting missions and how to complete them in Saints Row.

How to unlock Choplifting missions

The Choplifting missions become available close to the beginning of Saints Row when you and your crew need to start making money. These missions are first available east of the Church, in Old Town East. Speak with the NPC at this location, and more will open throughout the rest of the game.

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How to complete Choplifting missions

When you start the mission, you will begin in a helicopter. Your goal is to make it to the waypoint where you should find a specific piece of cargo, for example, an armored car. When you arrive, you need to lower the helicopter’s magnet and place it on top of the vehicle, bringing it with you. Several armed guards will protect this cargo, and you won’t be able to fight back against them. Your only concern is to grab the cargo with your magnet and fly off with it.

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Another waypoint will appear on your map where you must go next to take the armed vehicle. While flying your helicopter, you will notice it is heavily weighed down from the cargo. You may need extra time to maneuver your flying vehicle to ensure you don’t hit too many obstacles, such as nearby buildings, cars, or trees. At the same time, the armed guards will be following you in vehicles, attempting to damage your helicopter throughout this mission.

When you arrive at the location, land the cargo on top of the awaiting vehicle, and the mission will be complete. There will also be bonus objectives for you to complete during the mission that will net you bonus experience at the end.