How to unlock and evolve Greatest Jubilee in Vampire Survivors

Light up the battlefield with great fireworks.

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The Greatest Jubilee is one of the last weapons you can get in Vampire Survivors. The requirements to get it are time consuming, and you will have to fight for this weapon. Fortunately, obtaining this weapon gives you a considerable amount of power. It needs some help compared to other weapons as it has more upgrades, but a full upgrade is definitely worth it.

It also helps that the Greatest Jubilee can summon light sources around you, giving you more options for money, healing, and other miscellaneous items. You shouldn’t have too much trouble surviving at this point in the game, but it never hurts to have more weapons that keep you alive.

Unlocking the Greatest Jubilee

To get the Greatest Jubilee, you must first obtain the Gracia’s Mirror and the Seventh Trumpet relics. To get both of those relics, you must first retrieve all the relics from other locations:

  • Magic Banger (Green Acres)
  • Milky Way Map (Dairy Plant)
  • Ars Gouda (Dairy Plant)
  • Sorceress’ Tears (Gallo Tower)
  • Randomazzo (Gallo Tower)
  • Glass Vizard (Moonglow)
  • Scrolls of Morbane (The Bone Zone)
  • Great Gospel (Cappella Magna)

Once you have all of those relics, you can access Eudaimonia M., which is a new stage that can be found above Mad Forest in the level selection screen. You can only claim either the Gracia’s Mirror or the Seventh Trumpet at first. But once you play a stage with the Inverse/Endless mode that the chosen relic offers you, you can go back to Eudaimonia M. to get the relic you missed the first time.

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If you revisit Eudaimonia M., you will get into a fight with an entity known as The Directer. You must survive against the Directer and defeat it to get the Greatest Jubilee weapon. The fight will be confusing at first with many threats flying at you from different angles. You will need to invest in Revival powerups as escaping death might be impossible to avoid through regular means.

Screenshot by Gamepur

How to evolve the Greatest Jubilee weapon

In a twist, there is no upgrade or evolution for the Greatest Jubilee weapon. What you see is what you get. It has a powerful finisher when fully upgraded, but none of the items will force it to evolve. You still want to support it with other weapon combinations, but the Greatest Jubilee stands on its own without support. This may change with future updates, but the weapon is currently incapable of evolving.

It stands on its own entry in the Collections page. If the entry isn’t showing up, you will have to get the Greatest Jubilee weapon during a level up opportunity (it can’t come from a Candybox) for it to register. While it may not have a weapon evolution of its own, the Greatest Jubilee has a good balance of offense and support. Providing light sources that give precious resources is still a considerable advantage over other weapons that lack it.