How to unlock and evolve the Flames of Misspell in Vampire Survivors

Burn your enemies to the ground faster than Hellfire.

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The Flames of Misspell are a powerful weapon, even though it doesn’t look like it at first. The damage is weak and the duration isn’t long. But as you upgrade the weapon, its true power starts to reveal itself and it will quickly destroy waves of enemies. When the Flames evolve into their next form, its power continues to grow with every fallen enemy.

This weapon is hidden away from you and it is tricky to obtain. You also need a lot of patience, since you will need to defeat enemies with a lot of health. Thankfully, once you unlock the character who has access to the weapon, you will be able to use it for all of your characters.

Unlocking the Flames of Misspell

The Flames of Misspell have a special requirement to unlock. You must first have obtained the Gracia’s Mirror relic from Eudaimonia M. which unlocks Inverse Mode. Set the your next stage to be the Inlaid Library and enable Inverse Mode to begin unlocking. It will help to have a powerful character like Sigma (who wields the powerful Victory Sword) as it will speed things along.

When you start the round, your first objective is to obtain both the Peachone and Ebony Wings weapons. Do not combine them into the Vandalier; they must remain separate to get the Flames. You can fill out their upgrades as much as you want, but even just having the birds is enough to get the Flames.

Once you have both birds, make your way to the right of the Inlaid Library. You must pass both the Metaglio and Ring items on the right side, then look for a piano. You should see a pink Reaper known as the Trickster hanging around near the piano. If you don’t see the Trickster, keep moving to the right until you do.

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If you have access to a nearby Rosary, it’s possible to instantly defeat the Trickster. Without it, you are forced to take it out manually. This is a difficult task, as enemies will swarm you. Inverse Mode also gives a 200% boost to enemy health, which makes the Trickster durable. Its form of attack will be sending exploding objects towards your way.

A character like Sigma will be able to react quickly enough and destroy those objects before they pose a real threat. You must then wait near the Trickster and continuously damage it until it falls. Once this happens, approach the piano that it was hovering over.

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This will open a new screen with a piano, and you need to play a certain series of notes. Thankfully, the Peachone and Ebony Wings birds will fly in to point out the next note in the sequence. The Peachone will land on the white keys, while the Ebony Wings will land on the black keys.

If your order is correct, you will unlock a treasure and be teleported to another area. This area will be dark and have some enemies flying around, but you will be able to see some directional arrows leading you to a set of nine coffins. Examine each coffin one by one; eight are empty but one of them has something important.

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Once you have found the coffin that has something inside, it will pop out and the area will become deserted. A Reaper will arrive to kill you, and you will return to the results screen. This will unlock Avatar Infernas as a playable character, who wields the Flames of Misspell.

Evolving the Flames of Misspell

You will need to find the Torrona’s Box item to evolve the Flames of Misspell. The Box is already connected to other weapon upgrades, but it works for the Flames as well. Unlike other weapon evolutions, both the Flames of Misspell and the Torrona’s Box must be fully upgraded before you can get the evolved weapon. This may take some time, but it will allow you to fulfill the other weapon evolution conditions first.

If you fulfill all the weapon evolution requirements, the Flames of Misspell will evolve into the Ashes of Muspell. It has a similar attack and duration with the Flames of Misspell, but it will gain power as it defeats more enemies. This allows the weapon to quickly rack up large damage amounts just by fighting enemies. When late game arrives, you will have swarms of enemies just waiting to get to you. This can lead to some high damage numbers as the Ashes of Muspell defeat them all.

It’s a powerful weapon that needs some work before you can obtain it, but the reward is worth the effort. It can even reach damage numbers greater than what Hellfire can achieve, and the Ashes don’t have a set damage limit meaning they can just keep getting stronger and stronger.