How to unlock and evolve the Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

Wipe enemies off the map with the Pentagram’s power.

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The Pentagram is one of the hardest weapons to use in Vampire Survivors. Its power is almost unmatched because it can remove every non-boss enemy without fail. Unfortunately, that power also comes at a cost, because it can also wipe out any experience gains from the defeated enemies. It’s a high risk weapon that can ruin your efforts, but it can also be your greatest strength, especially after it evolves.

Unlocking the Pentagram isn’t too difficult, but evolving it can be a struggle if luck isn’t on your side. Once you unlock the Pentagram, you can start experimenting and build a plan to properly evolve it into its more powerful weapon combination.

Unlocking the Pentagram weapon

The Pentagram is unlocked when a character survives longer than 20 minutes. This shouldn’t be too difficult, though it will require some experience with combat to achieve. You should be getting more advanced weapon combinations to survive past 10 minutes. With the proper configurations, you should easily reach the 20 minute mark without a problem. You don’t even have to complete the full 30 minute round, but this shouldn’t be done on a bonus stage where stages can finish in 15 minutes.

Once you survive past 20 minutes, you will get a notification about receiving the Pentagram when you see the results screen. This will unlock the Pentagram as a weapon in your level up options. If you manage to get the Pentagram to its seventh upgrade, you will also unlock Christine as a playable character, whose main weapon is the Pentagram.

How to evolve the Pentagram

The Pentagram needs to be fully upgraded and paired with the Crown item in order to get its weapon evolution. As the Pentagram gets upgraded, it gets a reduced cooldown but also a chance to not remove any experience gems on the map.

While other characters may struggle to utilize the Pentagram in their weapon inventories, working with Christine is guaranteed to put the Pentagram front and center. As her main weapon, she can’t avoid the Pentagram’s effects. On the plus side, she is more likely to get it upgraded faster than other characters who would have to find it first.

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Once you have fully upgraded the Pentagram and found the Crown item, you just have to fulfill the rest of the weapon evolution requirements before the upgrade starts appearing in treasure chests. You may have other weapon evolutions in the works, but sooner or later the Gorgeous Moon will appear and take over the Pentagram’s slot.

The Gorgeous Moon has the same effect as the Pentagram but it no longer destroys any drops from enemies (experience gems, gold, items). The probability is zero, unlike other Pentagram upgrades where the chance of not removing items was decent at best. Instead, the Gorgeous Moon actually adds experience gems to the total and picks up all visible experience gems on the map. It’s very hard to lose once you have this weapon, since it continually devastates enemies on the map.