How to unlock and make bombs in Harvestella

Destroy the obstacles blocking your path.

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As you progress through the different dungeons and areas in Harvestella, you will quickly realize that not every path is accessible to you right away. Some areas are blocked by broken bridges or broken ladders and others are blocked by large rocks that require a little more than a repair kit to get past; you need a bomb. Below, we will show you how to make bombs in Harvestella.

How to unlock bombs in Harvestella

It won’t take long for you to unlock the repair kit in Harvestella so you can get past the broken bridges that you find along your journey. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the bomb recipe. The bomb recipe comes later in the story after you have progressed to a certain point. For us, it was around day 17 of spring after visiting Nemea Town.

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Once you have progressed through the season enough, Aria will talk to you in the morning and explain that you will need something to help you get through the dungeons. This is when she will give you the bomb recipe. Immediately after being given the recipe, you can start crafting these explosive tools. You will have to wait until later to get stronger bombs.

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How to craft bombs in Harvestella

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Bombs aren’t very hard to make and only require two ingredients: Firelight Fruit and Natural Fiber. These ingredients are both pretty common after progressing into the full version of the Njord Steppe or branching out into the Jade Forest area. You will get Natural Fibers by defeating monsters in these areas and Firelight Fruit is sometimes dropped by monsters or can be obtained from gathering nodes. Bombs require two of each ingredient to craft. Once one is made, interact with a destructible wall and it will ask if you want to use a bomb to destroy it.