How to repair bridges in Harvestella

You gotta pay the troll toll.

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The lands in Harvestella has seen better times when the player awakens. Between the growing periods of Quietus which has people hiding in their homes waiting for the dust to pass, to the increasing intensity of the Seaslight, some areas have absolutely fallen into disrepair. Players will come across broken bridges with no means of fixing them, and mouth-watering treasures just out of reach. Here’s how to fix bridges (and ladders, too) in Harvestella.

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Unlocking the means to repair bridges

For the first step, players will need to prioritize the main quest towards the end of Chapter 2: Omen. The same NPC that teaches players how to interact with Motus Monolites will also reveal the ability to repair bridges to the player, once a destroyed bridge is encountered within Higan Canyon. For the two bridges within Higan Canyon, the game will offer Repair Kits to the player — the second one at a 30-minute cost in a pile of leaves to the right of the destroyed bridge. After the first bridge has been repaired, players will learn how to build Repair Kits to repair future bridges.

Repair Kit crafting in Harvestella

Once players have the Repair Kit crafting recipe unlocked, they’ll likely want to travel back home to Bird’s Eye Brae and craft a few to keep on hand. It’s recommended to always keep two on hand, just in case something comes up during exploration that you would otherwise be forced to miss or backtrack for. A Repair Kit costs 1 Lumber and 1 Hard Stone to craft, and timewise takes a 20-minute chunk out of the day.

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Repairs in Harvestella

Once the Repair Kit is in your inventory, walking up to any broken bridge will prompt players to use the kit. This repair, however, will cost a full hour of the day. Once the bridge has been repaired, it stays functional for the rest of the game. Players will also come across broken ladders, which operate similarly to shortcuts; a short cutscene will play with the NPC, and then players will be able to invest some time to make the ladder functional again, without needing to use Repair Kits.