How to unlock and use health potions in Loop Hero

Everyone needs a way to heal their wounds.

Image via Gamepur

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Health potions are a vital item you need to utilize in Loop Hero if you want to survive your endless adventure. Like any video game, the health potions provide a small amount of health for your health whenever they use them. However, the big difference between regular health potions and the ones used in Loop Hero is that your hero will automatically drink from them. You won’t be able to click a button to determine the best time to restore your health. It’s all automatic, similar to the combat and movement in Loop Hero. You need to unlock the Herbalist’s Hut back at your camp for those looking to acquire the health potions.

The Herbalist’s Hut is one of the first buildings you can unlock. These are the items you’re going to need if you want to construct it in your camp.

  • 2 Persevered Wood
  • 3 Persevered Stone
  • 4 Food Supplies

These are all items you can receive by going through your loop and placing down cards in the surrounding area. Walking through Meadows earns your ration resources, and when you have 12 of those, they become a single Food Supply resource. By putting down Rock cards, you’ll earn pebbles, and when you have 10 of them, they become a single Persevered Stone resource. When your hero walks through Groves placed on your loop trial, you’ll receive stable branches, and when you have 12 of them, they become Persevered Wood.

You can receive several resources all at once by placing down a treasury card anywhere on your loop and then surrounding it with Meadows, Rocks, and Mountains. Once you surround a treasury, you receive a huge surplus of resources all at once.

Image via Gamepur

When you gain access to the Herbalist’s Hut, you’ll start every loop with two health potions. Each time your character passes their cozy camp tile, they receive two health potions, regardless if they need them or not. Because you can’t automatically drink the health potions, you can force your hero to use them right before walking up to this tile.