How to unlock announcer packs in MultiVersus

Hear things from a new voice.

Image via Warner Bros.

With a long list of characters in MultiVersus that all have very different backgrounds and personalities, you might want to hear what they have to say when announcing things. You could always leave the default announcer on, but if you want to change things up, every character in the game can lend their voice as an announcer. Here is how to unlock announcer packs in MultiVersus.

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How to get more announcer packs in MultiVersus

To change out your announcer pack, you need to first buy a new announcer voice. You can do so by opening Collection in the main menu and going down to Global Cosmetics. You can find the announcer voice in this section.

When you open the Announcers page, you will see every character and the default announcer available. However, the only way to change the announcer voice is to buy one of the character’s voices for 100 Gleamium. Unfortunately, the only way to acquire this in-game currency is to purchase it with real money. Purchasing a character with Gleamium does not unlock their announcer voice or vice versa, you have to separately buy that.

When you choose a new announcer voice, you will hear that character pipe up whenever the announcer would normally speak. There is no real difference to this outside of a cosmetic choice in the menus, and before and after matches. Unlocking each voice costs about a dollar (USD) of real-world money when converted from Gleamium, so we don’t necessarily recommend buying the currency just for the voices.

The least amount you can put towards Gleamium is $5, so you’ll be overpaying for very little. Just buy an announcer pack if you have extra Gleamium after purchasing a character with it. Throwing money at a $10 pack will give you enough to buy one of both.