How to unlock Christian in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Get ready to hit the Switch and a 5 Second pose.

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On February 3, Take-Two continued to add new wrestlers to WWE 2K Battlegrounds. Three new wrestlers: Dana Brooke, Otis, and former World Heavyweight Champion Christian, were added to the game in early February, with the latter two needing to be unlocked. And to unlock Captain Charisma in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, be ready to spend some Bucks or Golden Bucks if you prefer.

How to unlock Christian in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Like most of the wrestlers in the game, you’ll have to start by selecting the Superstars tab on the upper-right hand side of the Main Menu. Then, scroll through the wrestlers in the menu until you find Christian.

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To unlock Christian, select his box with Y (for Xbox) or Triangle (for PlayStation), and you’ll have the chance to open it if you have 300 Bucks to spend. Alternatively, you could also unlock Christian for 75 Golden Bucks, but those need to be acquired with real money. So if you don’t want to spend any dough on this game, then make sure you’ve earned enough Bucks in WWE 2K Battlegrounds.