How to Unlock Clothes from Past Pokemon Games in Indigo Disk: Ball Guy, Ultra Recon Squad, & More

At the end of The Indigo Disk DLC, you can unlock exciting new items for your avatar to wear by tutoring Team Star

Ball Guy Helmet Indigo Disk

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s The Indigo Disk DLC adds a whole new area for players to explore, but we’re now learning that there are some other hidden gems as well. By completing some special tasks back home in Paldea, players can unlock new clothes and accessories from past Pokemon games.

To gain access to these new items, you’ll first have to complete a new quest where you tutor Team Star. Once you meet a few key post-game conditions, Giacamo and Eri will ask for your help tutoring the other members of Team Star and reward you for doing so. But there’s even more than meets the eye to this new side quest, as it’s also how you unlock the ability to buy fun new items to customize your avatar in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

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How to Get Special Clothing Items From Atticus in The Indigo Disk

Atticus at Auction Indigo Disk
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You can unlock the ability to purchase special extra items for your avatar from Team Star member Atticus in The Indigo Disk. After you complete a post-game sequence where you tutor Team Star, Atticus will appear in Porta Marinda’s trading center. There, he will auction off various clothing designs, one at a time.

These designs are fun items from past Pokemon games that you can wear in-game. Here is a list of all the items you can get from Atticus through these actions:

  • Ball Guy Helmet
  • Replica Aqua Suit Helmet
  • Replica Expansion Suit Helmet
  • Replica Leader Bag
  • Replica Dragon Gloves
  • Replica Aether Shoes
  • Replica Ultra Glasses

Each auction starts bidding at 100,000 coins, and your fellow bidders have their eye on the prize, so they’ll keep bidding you well up to 300,000. Atticus cycles through the items one at a time, so you’ll need to keep doing auctions to get to the item you want. If you don’t want an item but want to see what else is on offer, you can lose the auction on purpose and he’ll move on to the next thing.

In order to unlock the auctions, you’ll first need to tutor Team Star back at Uva / Naranja Academy. This is a new task you gain through The Indigo Disk DLC, so you will need to complete the expansion to get these avatar items. Once you Tutor Team Star and buy new items from Atticus, you will add to the number of different outfits you can wear in the game. Given the limited number of choices we started with, this is welcome news.

How to Tutor Team Star in The Indigo Disk

Tutoring Team Star Indigo Disk
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In order to tutor Team Star, you’ll need to find Giacomo and Eri in their standard school uniforms back in Paldea. They should be in the Entrance Hall of your Academy, but there are a number of conditions you need to meet in the game before they’ll show up. It took me a lot of trial and error to finally figure out everything I needed to do before I finally saw those two waiting to talk to me. In order to unlock the storyline of tutoring Team Star, you need to…

  • Complete the Academy Ace Tournament
  • Finish all of Penny’s post-game scenes (unlocked by finishing the Academy Ace Tournament)
  • Beat the main storyline of The Indigo Disk
  • Finish your classes at Uva / Naranja Academy (some gamers report they just needed to finish at least one of the extracurricular classes, but I finished school just to be safe)

Once you satisfy all of the conditions above, you’ll find Giacomo and Eri in the lobby of your original home school after completing the Indigo Disk DLC. They’ll be standing on the first floor off to the left of the front desk in front of a bookshelf. Talk to them, and they’ll ask you to help out with tutoring the other members of Team Star.

Giacomo and Eri In Regular Uniforms Indigo Disk
Screenshot by Gamepur

The tutoring session involves talking to each member of Team Star in the classroom and answering a few questions until they understand the material a little bit better. Once you get through tutoring all three of them, Eri will thank you and you’ll unlock some special Team Star gear and a new emote.

After you tutor Team Star to help them stay on top of their studies, Atticus can pick up the extracurricular activity of selling special clothing items at Porta Marinda. Here, you can buy various items from previous games in the Pokemon franchise by bidding on them.