How to Get & Use the Item Printer in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk

Unlock a new way to get items, healing items, stones, and even clothes with the Item Printer in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk.

Pokemon Indigo Disk Item Printer

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet The Indigo Disk has proven to be the big update fans have wanted. It continues to add more hidden treasures and neat features that enhance players’ enjoyment of the game—including the Item Printer.

The Indigo Disk DLC has new features that come with being part of the League Club at Blueberry Academy. Players are introduced to BP which is obtained through BBQs—otherwise known as Blueberry Quests. One of the ways to use BP is with the Item Printer, a 3D printer designed by the Science Club.

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How to Get the Item Printer in Pokemon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of the Support Board with the item printer request highlighted
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Item printer can be unlocked by donating BP to the Science Club via the computer in the Indigo Disk’s League Club Room. Go to the Support Board and look for the Science Club where they are seeking testers for the Item Printer. They are requesting 200 BP and will need more BP to upgrade it later on, so make sure to have plenty on hand.

Once the 200 BP is donated, a representative of the club will appear with the Item Printer next to the computer. Players can start using it right away.

How to Use the Item Printer in Pokemon Indigo Disk

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of the Item Printer menu
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Item Printer uses BP and TM Materials to create new items that the player can use. A list of the player’s current Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TM Materials appears on the left side, each with a percentage next to them. Players will need to combine materials to reach 100% to successfully make an item. Each percentage next to an item is what one individual item is worth. For example, one Diglett Dirt is worth 12%.

When players have reached 100% or more, they will need 5 BP to pay for one print job. Players have the option to print more than one at a time but it will increase the BP amount. There is a max of 10 print jobs at a time. The more items added to a print job the greater the percentage and BP requirement.

As more items are made using the Item Printer, players will be able to upgrade the machine:

  • Print 25 items and donate 200 BP for the first “Great” Item Printer upgrade
  • Print 75 items and donate 500 BP for the second “Ultra” Item Printer Upgrade
  • Print 175 items and donate 1,000 BP for the third “Master” Item Printer Upgrade

The first two Item Printer upgrades will decrease the required BP cost for each item printed by one for each upgrade and add a special bonus mode. The third upgrade does not reduce BP cost or add any new bonus functions, but it will add the possibility to print Stellar Tera Shards if you’ve captured Terapagos at the end of the game.

What Does the Item Printer Make in Pokemon Indigo Disk?

Pokemon Indigo Disk screenshot of the Item Printer after finishing printing an item
Screenshot by Gamepur

The Item Printer in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will use TM Materials to make a variety of items such as healing items, evolution items, Tera Shards, XP Candy, stat-boosting items, and even battle items for Pokemon to hold. However, there are no recipes located in the Item Printer Menu. Players have the option to either select different TM Materials or choose to Auto Select. This will randomly pick TM Materials to reach 100%.

The Item Printer seems to work like a Gachapon game where materials are randomly selected and a random item will pop out at the end. There are no particular mixtures of materials to replicate results, but each item that has a chance to drop has its own percentage value attached to it, making some printed items rarer than others.

2X Bonus for the Item Printer

If you upgrade the Item Printer once to the “Great” Item Printer, you’ll have a small 1% chance of activating the 2x Bonus. This bonus will give the player double item drops for their next print job, meaning it’ll print two of each item for that job.

To upgrade the Item Printer and acquire a chance at the 2x Bonus, you’ll need to complete 25 print jobs and donate an extra 200 BP to the Science Club.

Poke Ball Bonus for the Item Printer

If you upgrade the Item Printer twice to the “Ultra” Item Printer, you’ll have a small 1% chance of activating the Poke Ball Bonus. This bonus will give the player the opportunity to print a random selection of Poke Balls for their next print job instead of the usual items. These Poke Balls can be extremely rare, including a chance to print the highly coveted Master Ball.

The Poke Balls that can printed using the Poke Ball Bonus and their drop chance are as follows:

  • Master Ball: 0.75% print chance
  • Safari Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Fast Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Level Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Lure Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Heavy Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Love Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Friend Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Moon Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Sport Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Dream Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Beast Ball: 1.75% print chance
  • Luxury Ball: 10% print chance
  • Ultra Ball: 2.05% print chance
  • Net Ball: 1.85% print chance
  • Dive Ball: 1.85% print chance
  • Nest Ball: 1.85% print chance
  • Repeat Ball: 1.85% print chance
  • Timer Ball: 1.85% print chance
  • Dusk Ball: 1.85% print chance
  • Quick Ball: 1.85% print chance
  • Great Ball: 12.5% print chance
  • Heal Ball: 12.5% print chance
  • Poke Ball: 15% print chance
  • Premier Ball: 15% print chance

To upgrade the Item Printer and acquire a chance at the Poke Ball Bonus, you’ll need to acquire the first upgrade, then complete an additional 75 print jobs and donate an extra 500 BP to the Science Club.

All TM Materials & Their Percentages For the Item Printer

Each TM Materials has their own percentage worth in the Item Printer Menu. Here are a list of those TM Materials and their percentages.

5% TM Materials

  • Gimmighoul Coin

9% TM Materials

  • Corphish Shell
  • Doduo Down
  • Illumise Fluid
  • Joltik Thread
  • Kricketot Shell
  • Magikarp Scales
  • Mimikyu Scrap
  • Minior Shell
  • Sandshrew Claw
  • Scatterbug Powder
  • Sentret Fur
  • Smeargle Paint
  • Spinarak Thread
  • Volbeat Fluid

14% TM Materials

  • Azurill Fur
  • Barboach Slime
  • Chinchou Sparks
  • Deerling Hair
  • Drowzee Fur
  • Ducklett Feather
  • Ekans Fang
  • Espurr Fur
  • Fletchling Feather
  • Hoothoot Feather
  • Hoppip Leaf
  • Igglybuff Fluff
  • Lechonk Hair
  • Mareep Wool
  • Minccino Fur
  • Morpeko Snack
  • Nymble Claw
  • Petilil Leaf
  • Poochyena Fang
  • Psyduck Down
  • Shinx Fang
  • Skwovet Fur
  • Slakoth Fur
  • Snover Berries
  • Snubbull Hair
  • Starly Feather
  • Sunkern Leaf
  • Surskit Syrup
  • Tarountula Thread
  • Tyrogue Sweat
  • Wingull Feather
  • Wooper Slime
  • Yungoos Fur

18% TM Materials

  • Arrokuda Scales
  • Basculin Fang
  • Bergmite Ice
  • Bonsly Tears
  • Bounsweet Sweat
  • Bramblin Twig
  • Bronzor Fragment
  • Buizel Fur
  • Cacnea Needle
  • Capsakid Seed
  • Cetoddle Grease
  • Chewtle Claw
  • Chingling Fragment
  • Croagunk Poison
  • Cubchoo Fur
  • Cufant Tarnish
  • Diglett Dirt
  • Drifloon Gas
  • Fidough Fur
  • Finneon Scales
  • Flabebe Pollen
  • Flamigo Down
  • Flittle Down
  • Fomantis Leaf
  • Foongus Spores
  • Gastly Gas
  • Gothita Eyelash
  • Greavard Wax
  • Grimer Toxin
  • Growlithe Fur
  • Gulpin Mucus
  • Hatenna Dust
  • Hippopotas Sand
  • Houndour Fang
  • Impidimp Hair
  • Litleo Tuft
  • Lotad Leaf
  • Magnemite Screw
  • Makuhita Sweat
  • Mankey Fur
  • Mareanie Spike
  • Maschiff Fang
  • Meditite Sweat
  • Meowth Fur
  • Minun Fur
  • Misdreavus Tears
  • Mudbray Mud
  • Nacli Salt
  • Noibat Fur
  • Numel Lava
  • Pawniard Blade
  • Phanpy Nail
  • Phantump Twig
  • Pineco Husk
  • Plusle Fur
  • Qwilfish Spines
  • Ralts Dust
  • Rellor Mud
  • Rockruff Rock
  • Rolycoly Coal
  • Rookidee Feather
  • Rufflet Feather
  • Salandit Gas
  • Sandile Claw
  • Sandygast Sand
  • Seedot Stem
  • Sewaddle Leaf
  • Shellos Mucus
  • Shroodle Ink
  • Shromish Spores
  • Shuppet Scrap
  • Silicobra Sand
  • Sinistea Chip
  • Skiddo Leaf
  • Slowpoke Claw
  • Slugma Lava
  • Smoliv Oil
  • Sneasel Claw
  • Snom Thread
  • Snorunt Fur
  • Squawkabilly Feather
  • Stunky Fur
  • Tadbulb Mucus
  • Tandemaus Fur
  • Teddiursa Claw
  • Tinkatink Hair
  • Toxel Sparks
  • Tynamo Slime
  • Varoom Fume
  • Venonat Fang
  • Voltorb Sparks
  • Wiglett Sand

23% TM Materials

  • Applin Juice
  • Bellsprout Vine
  • Bruxish Tooth
  • Clauncher Claw
  • Cleffa Fur
  • Combee Honey
  • Crabrawler Shell
  • Cryogonal Ice
  • Cutiefly Powder
  • Dedenne Fur
  • Finizen Mucus
  • Girafarig Fur
  • Grubbin Thread
  • Hawlucha Down
  • Heracross Claw
  • Klefki Key
  • Koffing Gas
  • Komala Claw
  • Murkrow Bauble
  • Oricorio Feather
  • Pachirisu Fur
  • Pawmi Fur
  • Pichu Fur
  • Pincurchin Spines
  • Scyther Claw
  • Seel Fur
  • Skarmory Feather
  • Skrelp Kelp
  • Swablu Fluff
  • Tauros Hair
  • Toedscool Flaps

27% TM Materials

  • Aipom Hair
  • Alomomola Mucus
  • Cottonee Fluff
  • Cramorant Down
  • Cyclizar Scales
  • Dewpider Thread
  • Dunsparce Scales
  • Eiscue Down
  • Falinks Sweat
  • Geodude Fragment
  • Glimmet Crystal
  • Golett Shard
  • Indeedee Fur
  • Inkay Ink
  • Litwick Soot
  • Oranguru Fur
  • Passimian Fur
  • Pikipek Feather
  • Poltchageist Powder
  • Scraggy Sweat
  • Seviper Fang
  • Stantler Hair
  • Stonjourner Stone
  • Timburr Sweat
  • Wattrel Feather
  • Zangoose Claw

32% TM Materials

  • Comfey Flower
  • Feebas Scales
  • Goomy Goo
  • Oddish Leaf
  • Poliwag Slime
  • Shellder Pearl
  • Solosis Gel
  • Spoink Pearl
  • Swinub Hair
  • Torkoal Coal
  • Tropius Leaf
  • Veluza Fillet
  • Vullaby Feather
  • Vulpix Fur
  • Yanma Spike
  • Zorua Fur

36% TM Materials

  • Blitzle Mane Hair
  • Charcadet Soot
  • Cranidos Spike
  • Dondozo Whisker
  • Duskull Fragment
  • Gligar Fang
  • Luvdisc Scales
  • Mienfoo Claw
  • Milcery Cream
  • Munchlax Fang
  • Nosepass Fragment
  • Riolu Fur
  • Shieldon Claw

45% TM Materials

  • Axew Scales
  • Bagon Scales
  • Bombirdier Feather
  • Carbink Jewel
  • Deino Scales
  • Dratini Scales
  • Dreepy Powder
  • Eevee Fur
  • Elekid Fur
  • Exeggcute Shell
  • Frigibax Scales
  • Gible Scales
  • Horsea Ink
  • Jangmo-o Scales
  • Klawf Claw
  • Larvesta Fuzz
  • Larvitar Claw
  • Orthworm Tarnish
  • Rotom Sparks
  • Sableye Gem
  • Tatsugiri Scales
  • Tentacool Stinger
  • Trapinch Shell

54% TM Materials

  • Delibird Parcel
  • Drilbur Claw
  • Duraludon Tarnish
  • Lapras Teardrop
  • Porygon Fragment
  • Rhyhorn Fang
  • Spiritomb Fragment

68% TM Materials

  • Beldum Claw
  • Ditto Goo
  • Happiny Dust
  • Magby Hair