How to unlock Crew Customization in Saints Row

Welcome to the Saints.

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Your crew reflects you in Saints Row, and you have the chance to customize them to fit your style as you play the game. You can’t go too in-depth with your friends or the crew you have rolling around Santo Ileso, but you can choose from several options and unlock more as you progress through the game and complete various challenges. This guide covers how to unlock Crew Customization and use it in Saints Row.

How to get Crew Customization in Saints Row

You will need to go through the main missions in Saints Row and complete the Aggressive Recruiting mission. You will find yourself fighting through multiple enemies on Boothill, making a name for yourself and the Saints. Shortly after you complete the mission, recruits will be lining up to join the Saints. Now, you have access to a full crew and can return to your headquarters to modify how they look.

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As we said, the customization available in the Crew Customization is not deep. All your friends and crew members will have various costumes you can pick for them to wear. When you initially unlock this option, you won’t have too many choices. You will need to complete venture challenges you set down on the Empire Table and progress through story missions featuring your friends to unlock more options. There are 40 options in total for your crew members. You can also change your crew’s vehicle to get around town to join you when you call for backup.

There will be a phone at the center of your headquarters that you can use to access these options. You want to check back regularly to view all your options and swap out any you might not want to see anymore while running through the streets.