How to unlock Diesel and Razor Ramon in WWE 2K Battlgrounds

Don’t turn your back on the Wolfpack.

As part of a new content update for WWE 2K Battlegrounds that went live on December 30, three new wrestlers were added to the title: Angelo Dawkins, Diesel, and Razor Ramon. Angelo Dawkins, much like his tag team partner Montez Ford, does not need to be unlocked, but Big Daddy Cool and The Bad Guy will need to be acquired before using them in WWE 2K Battlegrounds. So, how do you unlock the two WWE Hall of Famers? Let’s go over what you have to do.

How to unlock Diesel and Razor Ramon in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

To unlock Diesel and Razor Ramon, first head to the Main Menu, and then click on the Superstars tab. This tab can be found on the upper-right hand side of the screen. Once you do that, you will then be brought to the list of all of the wrestlers you have already unlocked, plus those who need to be purchased.

To buy Razor Ramon, WWE 2K Battlegrounds players will need either 9,000 Bucks or 225 Golden Bucks. For Diesel, 2K Battlegrounds users will need either 6,000 Bucks or 150 Golden Bucks.

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