How to unlock Doctor Victor Von Doom in Marvel Strike Force

A well-known doctor is heading to Strike Force.


On July 21, Marvel Strike Force announced details regarding its 2020 second-half update to the mobile game. One of the new features added to Marvel Strike Force is the ability to use Doctor Victor Von Doom as a playable character, but he must be unlocked first. So how do you unlock Doctor Von Doom? Let’s go over what you need to do.

To unlock Victor Von Doom, players must complete Dark Dimension 4, which the Marvel Strike Force team stated is the “most challenging [edition] yet.” To participate in Dark Dimension 4, players in Marvel Strike Force must reach Gear 15. However, this could be a bit complicated, as there are quite a few players who have not hit Gear 15 as of yet.

So since many players have not reached Gear 15 yet, Marvel Strike Force will give gamers a bit of a boost to get there. Marvel Strike Force will make Gear 14 in the game more accessible by adding a new story campaign that will allow players to progress to Dark Dimension 4. This new campaign will feature a new threat that endangers Earth, and players will be able to acquire Superior Gear pieces necessary to move to the fourth edition of the Dark Dimension.