How to unlock every PvP mode in Tower of Fantasy, and how they work

Test your might.

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PvP is a mainstay in MMOs, and Tower of Fantasy is no different. PvP is an excellent method of leveling up and gaining some hard-to-earn materials. It can also provide you with the rarest mount in the game. PvP takes place in a special format and has unique rules and balance adjustments compared to PvE gameplay. This guide will explain PvP modes and how they work in Tower of Fantasy.

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All PvP Modes and how they work in Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play gacha MMO focused on PvE gameplay. Despite PvE taking the bulk of the action, there are two different methods to test your might against other players. The first and easiest method of PvP gameplay is the classic one-versus-one duel. Click on a player or friend in the world and challenge them to a dual.

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The Apex League is the second and primary competitive mode for PvP players in Tower of Fantasy. This mode features one on one competitive battles in a particular arena. It features a distinct ruleset and contains several competitive ranks players can try to earn. Apex League has three rules all players need to know before stepping foot in the league.

  1. Objective – Be the first to score 2 points in a 1v1 PVP match with another player on a shrinking battlefield.
  2. Battle Conditions – Weapon resonance effects, Simulacrum traits, Matrix effects, and Phantasia are disabled. Healing effects are reduced by 50%, the Jetboard is not allowed, and all players start with a shield.
  3. Availability – Apex League is only available between 12:00-24:00 daily after reaching Level 31.

Apex League has seven ranks for players to earn during a season. The ranks are as follows, ordered from lowest to highest.

  1. Private
  2. Elite
  3. Sergeant
  4. Commander
  5. Star General
  6. Battle Lord
  7. Grand Marshal

It’s not impossible to climb these ranks, but it is an arduous process that requires careful builds, strategies, and patience. If you can reach Grand Marshal, you will be rewarded with the Dust Wheeler, Tower of Fantasy’s rarest vehicle.