How to get the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy

Wheeling and dealing.

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The Dust Wheeler is a vehicle you can unlock in Tower of Fantasy. You can’t go far without a dependable vehicle to travel with. Tower of Fantasy has a multitude of vehicles to find and unlock. Some of these vehicles are unlocked by completing main story quests, but others require more challenging tasks. The Dust Wheeler is the most demanding vehicle to acquire due to its difficult unlock requirement. This guide will explain how to obtain the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to unlock the Dust Wheeler in Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, most vehicles are earned from hunting down each of their spare parts and assembling them into a new mount. A handful is done via other methods, with the Dust Wheeler having the most demanding requirements.

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The Dust Wheeler is a sleek ride that many players are hunting down. You must reach level 31 to unlock the Apex League to unlock this prize. Apex League is the primary player-versus-player experience Tower of Fantasy has to offer.

To earn this vehicle. You must reach the rank of Grand Marshal. Unfortunately, Grand Marshal is the highest rank this competitive PVP mode has to offer. Apex League has three distinct rules.

  1. Objective – Be the first to score 2 points in a 1v1 PVP match with another player on a shrinking battlefield.
  2. Battle Conditions – Weapon resonance effects, Simulacrum traits, Matrix effects, and Phantasia are disabled. Healing effects are reduced by 50%, the Jetboard is not allowed, and all players start with a shield.
  3. Availability – Apex League is only available between 12:00-24:00 daily after reaching Level 31.

Due to the nature of the gacha system in Tower of Fantasy, this mode can be easy or punishing based on your available roster of weapons and relics. As you climb through the ranks, you will encounter players who may have possibly spent a lot of money to earn top-tier weapons and upgrades.

It’s not impossible to climb these ranks, but it is an arduous process that requires careful builds, strategies, and patience. If you can reach Grand Marshal, your Dust Wheeler will be waiting for you when the season ends, and rewards are given to Apex League participants.