How to Unlock The Jumpshot Creator in NBA 2K20


As players start getting deeper into MyCareer and further customizing their MyPlayer, things start to boil down into fine-tuning animations, which is a big part of NBA 2K20.

The 2K franchise has slowly added more customization options for things like dribbling and jumpshots, but if you want to break away from using the pre-set shots or Signature Player animations, you need to unlock the Jumpshot Creator. It isn’t hard, but if you aren’t specifically looking to do it, unlocking that menu could take some time.

How to Unlock The Jumpshot Creator in NBA 2K20

MyCareer Mode Practice Facility

  • Head to the Team Practice Facility in the Neighborhood.
  • Start doing training drills in the facility.
  • You should get a message that pops up after completing between five to eight drills.
  • That will give you instant access to the Jumpshot Creator menu.
  • You can now re-access this menu at any time by entering the MyPlayer Appearance menu.

This menu will let you completely customize your players shooting animations. You can mix and match the bases of animations from the nearly 300 different basic jumpshot animations. Or you can combine those with the signature jumpshot animations of legendary and current NBA players. You will need to purchase signature animations for dunks, shots, and other moves using VC.

There are also a few changes to this creator, namely the lack of the option to change the animation speed on your custom jumpshot. This was replaced to add the Quick Draw badge, which acts as a way to shoot your shot faster than normal.

This easy unlock very important if you want to tailor your MyPlayer to how you want to playfully.