How to unlock Night Shifter in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Pulling a late one.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Hot Wheels Unleashed has a plethora of cars for you to unlock in your time with it. Whether you’re racing against others online to earn more Coins or plowing through the campaign, everything helps you get closer to unlocking the best cars in the game. Night Shifter is a car with some of the highest stats available, but it’s incredibly tough to unlock. This guide covers how to unlock Night Shifter so you can start racing around in it.

How to unlock Night Shifter

Screenshot by Gamepur

Night Shifter is a Legendary car, meaning it’s incredibly rare. It’s possible that you could pick it up from Blind Boxes or the shop if your shop stock happens to include it when it resets. However, the game also has a guaranteed way of picking this car up at no charge.

You need to get to the reward node after the Buns of Steel Secret to unlock Night Shifter. This is one of the earliest Secrets you’ll come across in the game, and you can’t complete it until you’ve unlocked Buns of Steel and used it in a specific race. When you have, you’ll open up the path to reach the reward node beyond this Secret, which gives you Night Shifter for free.