How to unlock Olea Manu in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

Your friendly neighborhood Zereth Mortis vendor.

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The strange world of Zereth Mortis is a landmass added to World of Warcraft in the final major patch of Shadowlands. It was a step in the right direction for the MMO, giving players less busy work and more fun exploration. There are still quite a few secrets to find in the zone and an entire mechanic that revolves around translating the denizen’s language to open up new things. Hidden behind one of these unlockables is the vendor Olea Manu, who sells you unique items should you discover his wares. Here is how to unlock the Olea Manu vendor in World of Warcraft.

Where to find Olea Manu in World of Warcraft | Vendor Olea Manu location

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Olea Manu is found to the right of the shallow pond at Exiles Hollow. His exact location is at coordinates 37, 44.6.

Accessing Olea Manu in World of Warcraft

To unlock Olea Manu, you need to research the Cypher Console node Altonian Understanding and complete the questline that unlocks once it completes. This node requires 160 Cyphers of the First Ones and takes 5 days and 18 hours to research. You can start the research by accessing the Cypher Research Console in the cave of Exile’s Hollow.

Once the research completes, you can start the Jiro to Hero questline at 39.3, 41.3. Complete the following quests:

  1.  Broken Circle – Talk to the surviving Jiro around the quest giver.
  2.  A Jiro Guide to Not Being Eaten – Collect materials from the devourers in the area.
  3.  Picking Up the Pieces… Literally Collect orb fragments on the ground in the area.
  4.  Gut Check – Collect a Crescendal from the elite enemies at the Terrace of Formation.
  5.  Mawdified Behavior – Kill the Unraveler elite mob while searching for clues.
  6.  Zovaal’s Grasp – Follow Hanoa while listening to her story.
  7.  Pound of Flesh – Collect 30 warped flesh from devourers in Zovaal’s Grasp.
  8.  Rift Recon – Analyze rift warps in the area.
  9.  Mawsteel, Maw Problems – Toss Mawsteel Shards off the edge.
  10.  Jiro to Hero – Defend Jiro from devourers.

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Completing this quest chain should open up Olea Manu as a vendor back in Exile’s Hollow. Make sure you listen to the dialogue after completing the final quest, or Olea may not appear. If Olea is there but not selling anything, you may need to relog to get access to his wares. Now you can work on obtaining other hidden secrets, such as the Patient Bufonid mount or the many Mawrat mounts around Zereth Mortis.