How to unlock perks in Saints Row

What perks will you give your character?

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Perks are how you will personalize your character in Saints Row based on your playstyle. These are essentially small passive buffs you’ll receive while playing the game, giving you an edge in combat or small bonuses while driving around. You may want to switch them up before a big mission, and having a wide variety of perks will make it much easier to customize your character. This guide covers how to unlock perks and what they do in Saints Row.

How to get more perks in Saints Row

You can unlock and give your character more perks in Saints Row by completing challenges. You can find the many challenges awaiting you underneath the Missions tab on your smartphone. There will be a list of them on the third tab. Each of the challenges will have a name, and there will be several tasks you need to complete to finish the challenge. You can review the upcoming perk you will unlock by completing the set number of challenges you have left.

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When you’ve unlocked a perk for your character, return to the main screen of your phone and visit the Perks application. Here, you can swap out any of the existing perks you already have selected with a new one. You can buy more perk slots for your character if you have enough money.

Your character can hold up to five perks at a time. Two can be minor perks, two can be major perks, and you can have only an elite perk. The more challenges you complete give you access to more, which means playing through the main story, or working your way through the side content. Both are viable options, although the mains story quests give you a chance to use your more aggressive perks against enemies far more often.