How to unlock quests in Brawl Stars

Level up the Brawl Pass faster through quests.

Screengrab via Supercell

You can now complete quests in Brawl Stars, further leveling up your Brawl Pass and help you enhance your Brawlers in the game. The more quests you complete, the faster you can level up your Brawl Pass and unlock additional rewards. These quests work for the premium Brawl Pass and the one every player can level up for free.

Not every player may have access to the quest. You must first receive 300 trophies. You can do this by progressively playing the game and winning matches. Each game you win awards you eight trophies, and when you lose a game, you may lose anywhere from two to three, or even four. You need to win enough games to hold 300 trophies, and then the quests will unlock.

The trophies can happen any of your available brawlers. You can freely switch between them as you work your way through the game. You can view the quests in the Brawl Pass category of the Brawl Stars’ main menu in the lower left-hand section. Once they unlock, you will have access to six quests that reward you in brawl tokens.

Two of the available quests refresh every 24-hours during the game’s daily refresh. One of them is a premium Brawl Pass exclusive, and those who do not purchase the premium version cannot access it.

These quests vary from taking out opponents as a specific Brawler, winning a certain amount of games, or performing a specific task with one of your available choices. Make sure to check the quest tabs daily to see the best way to spend your time each time you Brawl Stars to level up your Brawl Pass and receive tokens.