How to unlock Rat Form in V Rising

Don’t overlook the humble rodent.

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V Rising gives you many ways to approach challenges in its open world. While your weapons will get you past most obstacles in your way, you also have some more specialized tools at your disposal in the form of various animal transformations. Wolf Form is speedy and maneuverable, Bear Form can destroy large obstacles if you’re short on explosives, and Bat Form allows you to reach higher ground with ease. However, if you’re looking to take a stealthier approach, you’ll find the Rat form can be your best friend.

How to summon the Putrid Rat

Screenshot by DoubleXP

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Much like the other forms in V Rising, you unlock Rat Form by harvesting V Blood from a powerful boss. Unlike the other forms though, the V Blood carrier you need, called the Putrid Rat, can’t be tracked at the Blood Altar. This is because you don’t hunt the Putrid Rat, you lure it into your mansion by using a Vermin Nest.

In addition to a Vermin Nest, you’ll also need to have the Woodworking Bench unlocked since this recipe requires fishing. To complete the Putrid Rat recipe, you’ll need a Twilight Snapper, three Fish Bones, and six Grave Dust. The Twilight Snapper, in particular, can be a challenge to find, so make sure you know where to find the best fishing spots before you head out for a night at the lake.

How to beat the Putrid Rat

Summoning the Putrid Rat is as simple as dropping your ingredients into the Vermin Nest and waiting a few seconds. Before starting, we’d recommend you reach a Gear Score of at least 30 if you want to avoid being outmatched. The Putrid Rat isn’t unlike many of the other bosses in the game in that it just takes some patience to wait for openings to attack, since it isn’t particularly fast. Watch out about halfway through the fight, though, as the giant rodent will summon a swarm of its rat friends as backup.

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Once you defeat your scurrying foe, you can use Rat Form just like you would any other Vampire Power. Drag and drop it into the wheel from the Ability Selection menu. Then, open the wheel by holding left Ctrl, and select it by moving your cursor over the rat icon.