Where to find all fishing spots in V Rising

Everyone can make time for some fishing.

Image via Stunlock Studios

There’s a primal pleasure to be found in fishing, and the act within V Rising is no different. Tinted a bit macabre, perhaps, what with the undead and feasting on unfortunate souls, but reaching into the depths of the planet for resources nonetheless.

Fishing within V Rising is unlocked after players beat the second enemy marked by the Blood Altar, Rufus the Foreman. This gives players the recipe for a Woodworking Bench and fishing rod, where they can happily whittle away the night by fishing in select locations. Fishing provides necessary resources for vampires as well — even if it isn’t your preferred sport, players will eventually need to make an opportunity for fishing.

Unfortunately, players cannot fish anywhere on the map: specific locations on the map have bubbling water, which allows players to fish. Currently, twelve spots have been found.

Farbane Woods

With lush trees, verdant fields, and a surprising number of bloodthirsty bandits, Farbane Woods is the start of V Rising. Note that the nose of the fishes point to the specific fishing spot.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Hallowed Mountains

The Hallowed Mountains are just northeast of Farbane Woods, and offer a few unique opportunities to expire. Riddled with snow, bears, and wolves, this location is a fantastic spot for farming some materials in between a bout of fishing. Two fishing spots are here.

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Silverlight Hills

Silverlight Hills is among the smaller regions currently available, but it’s still absurdly large. Only five fishing spots are found within these borders, but they’re still prominently located enough to merit breaking out the old rod between hectic battles.

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Dunley Farmlands

One may think, as the second-largest region within V Rising, Dunley Farmlands would appropriately offer the second-highest amount of fishing. Dunley Farmlands only has two available fishing spots that have been found thus far, however, making other regions a better choice if you’re looking to angle. Rare doesn’t mean nonexistent, however.

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